I’ve always subscribed to the theory that when people enjoy what they do, they get really good at it. Phil Davidson absolutely loves his job and it shows in the quality of his work. I ask him one if he’d ever seen a flat topped bouzouli made with a pin bridge. He said he hadn’t and then when I saw him a year later, he showed one he made. I’ve since used it on several recording session and it;s a wonderful instrument.

Tim O’ Brien

The mandolin might be my main instrument, but the ukulele is my first and I’ve always had a real soft spot for it. You don’t have to try hard to imagine how thrilled Hilary and I were to take delivery of this pair in Cuban mahogany and lacewood. In my experience Phil Davidson is a unique craftsman; no matter what instrument he turns his hand to, it turns out superb…. banjos, guitars, mandolins, resonator guitars… you name it. I’d defy anyone not to be owe stuck by the neatness of his work, in particular his inlays. I’ve recommended Phil to many people on my travels; it’s so nice to bump into them a year or tow later and see the inspiration on of his instruments had brought them. An instrument from Phil Davidson is more likely than not an instrument of life. “
Simon Mayor and Hilary James